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  • Weplay Cookie Festival & Whally Board have been honored with the Golden Pin Design Awards !!
Weplay's goal of creating educational products that promotes holistic skill development in early childhood with high play value continues to be recognized for excellence and innovation.

Weplay Cookie Festival - Let's have a party!

How adorable are these colorful Cookiemen? Are you ready to build, explore, create and rock your way into fun with the Cookiemen and their Banana Boat/Bridge?

The Weplay Cookie Festival is a building, matching and balancing toy. The Cookiemen enhance children's fine movement stability through limitless stacking opportunities. Children will begin to think and explore through 2D and 3D creations. For a higher level and challenge add in the Banana Boat/Bridge. This product is not only a building and design toy but a matching and sound recognition game. The multi colored front plates are removable and the Cookiemen can be filled with rice, beans or other materials to play and explore sounds or weights. The two colored backs and the 4 colored front plates can be mixed and matched in hundreds of new ways to play matching and sequencing games.

Kids will never get bored with all the amazing options and games they can play with Weplay hottest toy, the Cookie Festival!

Weplay Whally Board - Our Under Sea Adventure!

Weplay Whally Board is inspired by the idea of fish leaping through the dragon gate from Chinese culture. Children can ride Whally to experience different levels of rocking adventures. The ergonomic design allows children to sit or stand on. The 3D wavy base design offers children varied bumping fun and makes balance more challenging than on a basic balance board! The Whally board dual side design is great for kids. Flip the board up-side-down for stretching and strengthening muscles. Weplay Whally Boards come in Sea Blue and Sunkist Orange Whally.

Give your children a toy that opens the door to a fairy tale world and helps to build a strong healthy active body with Weplay Whally Board. Where will the adventure begin?

Weplay; we care, love and are dedicated to designing educational products that promote children's developmental needs. We are devoted to creating products that combine high play value and exceptional quality while exceeding safety standards. Integrating child development theory, humanistic elements and market analysis, Weplay created the Cookie Festival and Whally Boards. These award winners and the rest of the Weplay line are now distributed to more than 100 countries worldwide.
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